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Youth Classes Fall/Spring 2017
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KIDS LOVE SOCCER    Instructor: Kidz Love Soccer

Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer     Ages 2-3  

110725 A              01/21-02/18        Sat          4:30-5:00pm       $66
110725 B              03/04-04/08        Sat          4:30-5:00pm       $77 

Introduce your toddler to the “World’s Most Popular Game”! As you and your child participate in our fun age appropriate activities, your child will be developing their large motor skills and socialization skills. The fun happens on the field, and in Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer, parents are part of the action, not watching from the sidelines! No specific equipment is required for the Mommy/Daddy & Me class. All kids receive a Kidz Love Soccer jersey!

Tot/Pre-Soccer                 Ages 3-5  

110705 C              01/21-02/18        Sat          3:45-4:20pm       $66
110705 D              03/04-04/08        Sat          3:45-4:20pm       $77 

Teaches the basic techniques of the game and builds self-esteem through participation and fun soccer activities. Children learn to follow instructions in a nurturing, age appropriate environment. Shin guards are required after the first meeting, soccer cleats are optional, shorts and a t-shirt are fine. All participants receive a Kidz Love Soccer jersey!

Soccer 1: Techniques & Teamwork          Ages 5-7  

110725 E               01/21-02/18        Sat          3:00-3:45pm       $66
110725 F               03/04-04/08        Sat          3:00-3:45pm       $77 

Players will learn dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, defense, etc. Fun skill games are played at every session, and every participant will have a ball at his or her feet. Small-sided soccer matches will be introduced gradually. Shin guards are required after the first meeting, soccer cleats are optional, shorts and a t-shirt are fine. All participants receive a Kidz Love Soccer jersey!

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Rowlett Tennis                 Ages 7-10

110704 B              02/06-03/04        Tu/Th    6:00-7:30pm       $80/$135

110704 C              03/06-04/08        Tu/Th    6:00-7:30pm       $80/$135

110704 D              04/10-05/06        Tu/Th    6:00-7:00pm       $80/$135

This class is designed for beginning players. Basic tennis skills will be introduced on a 36’ court using a red low-compression ball. QuickStart teaching methodology will be used in this class. Students will learn movement while hitting the ball and play games designed to improve their tennis skills. Low-compression ball will be used on the 36’ court. 

Archery (Beginners)       Ages 6-60            Instructor: Rowlett PARD

110703 B              02/01-02/22        Wed      6:00-7:00pm       $20

110703 C              03/01-03/29        Wed      6:00-7:00pm       $20

110703 D              04/05-04/26        Wed      6:00-7:00pm       $20

This class takes you on an archery adventure with a fully trained and experienced guide to teach the basic skills of archery. The lesson is a 1 hour once a week plan that teaches the basic skills of archery, safety rules of archery, terminology, and bow and arrow identification and uses. All equipment will be supplied. The class is suitable for those that have no experience, or those that may have shot before and need a refresher. 

Archery (Intermediate)                Ages 10-60          Instructor: Rowlett PARD

110703 F               02/01-02/22        Wed      7:00-8:00pm       $20

110703 G              03/01-03/29        Wed      7:00-8:00pm       $20

110703 H              04/05-04/26        Wed      7:00-8:00pm       $20


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