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Emergency Management
The Coordinator for the Emergency Management Division is the Fire Chief, Neil Howard.  This division is responsible for having in place an updated comprehensive emergency operating plan that identifies roles and responsibilities of all our City departments for the purpose of a defined framework for disaster response, small or large, scalable to the event.  It also identifies our regional partners for the purpose of a coordinated response.  We have a volunteer on staff that specializes in emergency management and liaisons with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to provide guidance in planning, training, and technology. 

Readiness programs include:

Plans for Training include:
  • Emergency planning for City employees, tabletop and full scale exercises
  • 100% compliance in the National Integrated Management System for responders (NIMS)
  • All City employees trained in the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Implementation of public education such as placing emergency preparedness educational material at all fire stations
  • Submittals for grants from Homeland Security, FEMA, and other federal, state, and local organizations to raise money for preparedness

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