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Combating Terrorism
Suspicious Mail
If you receive a suspicious letter in the mail, read the FBI guidelines published in PDF format entitled "How to handle suspicious mail."

Handling Procedure
The Rowlett Police Department and Fire Department have enacted the following procedures regarding the handling of suspicious mail based on guidelines from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other emergency management sources.

Please note: An unopened letter or package, even if it has any of the characteristics of a suspicious package as indicated by the FBI or U.S. Postal Service Alerts, does not pose a health threat to those who handled it unless it has material leaking out of it.

Unopened Mail
Follow the below instructions for mail that has not been opened:
  • Do not tamper with the item in any way
  • Avoid handling the item any more then necessary
  • Seal the item in a baggie and immediately throw the item away in the trash

Opened Mail
Follow the below instructions for mail that has been opened:
  • Do not tamper with the item any further
  • Call the Police/Fire/EMS Dispatch Center at 972-412-6200 or 9-1-1
  • Wait for the fire engine and police officer who will be dispatched to evaluate the item and take appropriate action

At this time, the possibility of receiving a contaminated letter at a residence is extremely unlikely. There have been no verified Anthrax-contaminated letters found in Texas.

Additional Resources
Below are links to various state and federal agencies who have roles in combating terrorism and in homeland defense and security. These links are to sites supported by agencies not related to the city of Rowlett. The material contained in them is not maintained by the City of Rowlett and is provided only for your information.

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