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Texas Smart Yard Winner for Fall 2017

The City of Rowlett is proud to announce the winner of the Texas Smart Yard Award!  This award recognizes the outstanding effort made by local residents who maintain their green spaces using environmentally sound principles.  This fall’s award is to the Schrade Middle School’s Outdoor Learning Center. Science teacher Paul Reyna is the creative architect of the center and his 6th grade science class maintains the Outdoor Learning Center located on Danridge Road. 

The first garden created by Mr. Reyna and his students was the drought tolerant garden pictured below with the students.  The plants include Texas sage, ornamental grasses, and yuccas.  In addition to the drought tolerant garden, there is a seasonal vegetable garden, an orchard, a windmill and a fish pond.  The students use sustainable gardening methods throughout the gardens.  They incorporate compost into their garden soil, they use mulching to help keep roots cool and moist and use diverted storm water to help water the garden.  The Environmental Learning Center garden is also a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.  This is an outstanding garden space, helping to create new 6th grade gardeners every year.  Our hats are off to all Mr. Reyna and his students for the sustainable work they are doing! 

There are only two Texas Smart yards awarded each year.  To apply for the next Texas Smart Yard Award, visit the website and fill out an application.  You can also nominate a “green” neighbor!  Environmentally friendly practices help keep pollutants out of our water, reduce that amount of waste that must be treated and also provide habitat for beneficial insects and birds.  

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