2020 Arts and Humanities Commission Writing Contest

The Arts and Humanities Commission sponsors an annual Writing Contest open to all adults with an interest in writing. The Writing Contest is open to Dallas and Rockwall county residents. Entries are judged on originality, content, creativity, relevancy, structure and the intangible: how the work touches the reader. No more than one entry is allowed per participant per category. All works are presented anonymously for judging.

There are three categories: poetry, short stories and short works, which is comprised of plays and essays. First Place awards in each category receive $150 and Second Place awards in each category receive $50. Winners will be announced during the teleconference City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

First Place:  Poetry Category
“An Apology to My Son: I Did Not Know” by LaKisha Culpepper

First Place:  Short Works Category
“Road Trip Musings” by DR Mann Hanson

First Place:   Short Story Category
“My Brother’s Keeper” by Stacy Mier

Second Place:  Short Works Category
“The Mission” by Bridget Morehead

Second Place:  Short Story Category
“Oh, to Hold Those Responsible for Their Crimes” by Manal Ahmed