Support Services Division

Division Functions

  • The Support Services Division consists of several sections:
  • Property and Evidence
    • Storage of evidence in criminal cases pending presentation at trial
    • Transmittal of evidence for lab testing
    • Storage of property lost by citizens pending return to owner
    • Quartermaster functions for the Police Department
  • Records
    • Open Records Requests
    • Background clearance Letters
    • Alarm Permits
    • Solicitor's Permits
    • Accident Report Copies
  • Crisis Assistance Program
    • Provide support and information to citizens who require specific services due to an emergency situation or crisis event.
    • Help prevent future events by following up and providing the citizen and/or family members with assistance and support.
    • Provide updated information to the Rowlett Emergency Response Units regarding citizens who have known mental or physical conditions so that quick, accurate and appropriate care can be given.

These functions are considered the backbone of the Rowlett Police Department. The Support Services Division is comprised of a police lieutenant and 20 civilian employees.


For more information contact Lieutenant Steve Ferrie at 972-412-6241 or by Email.