Adoptable Pets

Available Pets

All pets available for adoption have been seen by a licensed veterinarian and are healthy enough to be placed in our adoption program. Shelter staff and volunteers work together to determine temperament to help inform potential adopters, area shelters and rescue organizations to place as many animals as possible.

All dogs have been tested for heartworms and started on the prevention Revolution. All cats have been tested for heartworms, feline AIDS and leukemia and started on the Prevention Revolution.

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Adoption fees vary depending on the animal's sterilization status at the time of their adoption.

Packages Fees
Sterilization Package (Animals to be sterilized)
This package includes the spay or neuter, rabies, microchip, combo vaccinations, Bordatella and de-wormer. All animals will be scheduled for spay or neuter services. 
Adopter: $75
Seniors: $55
Sterilization Package (Animals already sterilized)
This package includes rabies and combo vaccinations, Bordatella and de-wormer.
Adopter: $25
Seniors: $5

Senior citizen discounts apply to anyone 60 years or older. Rowlett residents will be charged an additional $5 registration fee.

Other Regulations

No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to adopt. You do not have to be a Rowlett resident to adopt, so stop in and visit! For more pictures of adoptable pets, visit adoptable pets.

For additional information please contact Victoria Miles at 972-412-6219 or by email.