Senior Fitness

Phase 1, reopening plan:

During phase 1, programs will resume (with slight modifications, including: social distancing and face masks) beginning April. 

Classes that are OPEN as of April:  

  • PACE
  • Senior Fitness Fun
  • SAIL
  • Get Energized

Program participation is limited in order to comply with current capacity guidelines.

PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise)

The PACE program was created for people with arthritis, to keep joints flexible, muscles strong, and to help reduce the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The routines use gentle range-of-motion movements that are suitable for every fitness level.

Wednesday/Friday 9:30 AM

Senior Fitness Fun

This Senior program incorporates a warm-up, 20 minutes of low impact aerobics, hand-eye coordination exercises, flexibility training, and relaxation movements. All exercises are guaranteed to loosen up those stiff joints, get that heart pumping, and even cause you to sweat a little.

Tuesday/Thursday 9:30 AM

Senior Fitness

SAIL (Stay Active In Life)

This program is designed to improve strength, balance, and fitness for seniors. All exercises are done to music and designed for all to have fun. Improve your strength, balance, and strength.

Monday/Friday 11:00 AM

Senior Stretch*

Senior Stretch is a marvelous, motivating movement class focusing on stretching and strengthening the major muscle groups and joints of the body. Emphasis is on breathing, balancing, and flexibility training.

Monday/Friday 9:30 AM

Get Energized

Low impact aerobic exercise, that include dance moves, toning, and stretching. The program is done to the latest in music favorites and will get that heart pumping and participants will enjoy fun while getting in shape.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:30 AM

Tap Dancing*

Learn basic tap dance steps that any tap enthusiast can do. Participants do not need tap shoes but hard sole shoes are recommended. This program will provide participants rhythm, coordination, and mental fitness and fun!

Monday 1:00 PM

Chair Volleyball

More fun than you can possibly stand - while seated! Come enjoy this fun-filled game played with a beach ball. Chair volleyball is great for upper body mobility and joint flexibility. It enhances your muscle tone, reflexes, hand-to-eye coordination, and endurance.

Every Monday and Thursday (except for the 2nd Thursday of the month) 

Walking Club

Come and walk with your friends and enjoy an easy way to get fit. Enjoy the nature and beauty of walking outside on the trail. Participants will chart their walking progress.

Monday-Friday 8:15 AM

*Fitness/dance classes require a punch card-$25 for 20 classes or $3 walk in.

A senior membership card is required to participate in ALL senior programs. If you are a resident it is $5 per year and a non-resident is $10 per year.