Code Enforcement

In Code Enforcement, we are committed to working with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies and other City of Rowlett departments to facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes (Code of Ordinances). Property owner information can be located at Dallas Central Appraisal District or Rockwall Central Appraisal District.

Codes Enforced Include

  • Environmental - Grass or weeds higher than 12", trash or debris collected on a property.
  • Nuisance - Tree limbs hanging lower than 14.5’ from the street or 8’ over the sidewalk, fences in disrepair and outside storage of items not meant to be stored outside.
  • Life safety - Unsecure pools, appliances with doors left in public and address numbers that cannot be easily seen from the front or rear of the property.
  • Zoning - Home occupation, take area violations and signs in the right of way. In most cases, any reported code violation takes 10-14 days for resolution.
  • International Property Maintenance Code (2018)

Reporting Code Violations

To report a code violation, please fill out the information online here. Follow the Make a Service Request link and find the violation you wish to report. Fill out the necessary information and give a brief description of the violation. Once the complaint is received by Neighborhood Services, it will be routed to the appropriate Code Enforcement Officer to respond.

For all inquiries regarding building maintenance please visit the City of Rowlett Building Inspections