High Water Consumption

High Water Consumption

The City of Rowlett Utility Billing Department has responded to a large number of water-related billing inquiries recently. As in other neighboring cities, much of the dramatic increase in water usage can be attributed to the extremely dry weather north Texas experienced during July and August, along with the easing of watering restrictions now permitting twice a week lawn watering, which was not allowed at this time last year. Additionally, water rates have increased significantly since 2010 due to increases in the rate charged by Rowlett’s water supplier, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD).

Utility Billing Actions

Our response to these concerns typically includes a review of the customer’s usage history to identify unusual fluctuations in usage, an evaluation of weather data, verification of the accuracy of meter readings, and, when warranted, an inspection of the meter for indications of a water leak. In most cases, we find that usage has simply increased.

Important steps to consider when reviewing your utility bill:

  • Review your sprinkler control settings to make sure your system is set for the appropriate frequency and duration.
  • Check swimming pool control systems.
  • Check all indoor and outdoor water systems for leaks.

Please visit the City of Rowlett’s Water Saving Tips page to see how you may be able to lower your next water bill! Rowlett residents are not alone, concerns about water bills in our surrounding communities have also been in the news recently.

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