Image of a young man painting yellow graffiti

What Is Graffiti?

Graffiti is a crime. It reduces our property values and drives away our businesses, our citizens and in some cases our resident’s jobs.

Some graffiti is a territory marking device associated with street gangs but the majority of offenses in Rowlett are merely indicative of unsupervised young people. Gang related or not, graffiti makes our community appear unsafe. It sends a message that someone other than our residents and our City is in control here. This encourages other crime and can lead to the decline of a whole neighborhood.

Reducing Graffiti

Reducing graffiti requires a partnership of our:

  • Business owners
  • Citizens
  • Courts
  • Crime watch groups
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Parents
  • Police department
  • Schools
  • Youth workers

Together we can reduce the negative impact of graffiti on our community. This type of collaborative effort has been successful in cities all across America and is working in our own City.

For more information, contact Lieutenant Dan Miller, Division Commander at 972-463-3998 or by Email. Alternatively you may contact Janet Hyltin, Administrative Assistant at 972-412-6220 or by Email.

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