Bid Tabulations

2018-01 Toler Bay 2 Lift Station Upgrades (PDF)

2018-02 Annual Contract for Concrete Repair and Maintenance of Streets and Alleys (PDF)

2018-03 Highland Meadows Phase 1 (PDF)

2018-05 18 Inch Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement near Dexham Road (PDF)

2018-06 Purchase of Water Supply Materials (PDF)

2018-07 Annual Crack Seal Program (PDF)

2018-08 Christopher-Shelly, Daisy-Larkspur, Willard Alley Reconstruction (PDF)

2018-09 Paddle Point Park Improvements (PDF)

2018-10 Annual Concrete Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter, and Utility Cut Repair & Maintenance (PDF)

2018-11 RFQ Engineering Services - Award List

2018-14 Alley Reconstruction - Luna Dr.-Allen Ln.; Shorecrest Dr.; Shipman St.-Davis St.

2018-15 Lake Country Estates Street Reconstruction - Phase I

2018-16 Construction of Utilities and Paving at Schrade Road Site

2018-17 CDBG Alley Reconstruction-Pollard St.;-Pollard St./Shearer St.


2019-02 Alley Improvement Locust Street and Karen Circle

2019-03 Dalrock Estates Street Reconstruction-Improvements - Ph 2

2019-05 Purchase of Water Supply Materials

2019-04 Highland Meadows - Phase 2

2019-06 Renovations to 5702 Rowlett Road

2019-07 Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Installation-Paddle Point Park Pedestrian Crossing

2019-08 Alley Reconstruction-Luna Dr/Allen Ln; Shorecrest Dr; Shipman St/Davis St

2019-11 Lake Country Estate Street Reconstruction - Ph 2

2019-12 Annual Mowing Services Contraction Section I - Neighborhood Svcs Code Enforcement and Other Related Svcs

2019-13 Highland Meadows Street Reconstruction - Phase 2B

2019-17 Alley Reconstruction - Amber Ave/Jennifer Ln; Jennifer Ln/Andrea Ln