Texas Smart Yard Spring 2019

Lexie Woodward and her husband Aaron are the winners of the Spring/Summer Texas Smart Yard!  The Woodwards recently moved to Rowlett from Arizona.  As newcomers to the Texas gumbo soil in Rowlett, they were perplexed at how to care for their landscape.  Fortunately, Lexie saw an Advertisement for the “Newcomer’s Guide to Texas Landscaping,” presented in McKinney.  Lexie and Aaron attended a Saturday seminar last winter and learned all about Texas soils and the benefits of planting native shrubs and grasses.  

The Woodward’s are also excited to start composting.  They recently purchased a rotating composting bin, and it is Aaron's job to be sure it is turned over routinely.  They plan to use the nutrient-rich humus to fertilize their native shrubs and vegetable pots.  One other “addition” to their yard is the “catio” on the back porch.  This enclosed space allows their cats to enjoy the outdoors without impacting the wildlife around their home, as well as keeping the cats safe from harm.  

There are still excellent links available on the Newcomer’s Gardening site. https://www.mckinneytexas.org/1859/Newcomer-Gardening.   Keep an eye out for next years great event.  

Also, be sure and check out the video of Lexie and the President of Keep Rowlett Beautiful, Mark Engen on our RowlettTexasVideo YouTube channel, https://bit.ly/2LK62Eo.