Texas Smart Yard Spring 2018

The City of Rowlett is proud to announce the winner of the Texas Smart Yard Award! This award recognizes the outstanding effort made by local residents who maintain their green spaces using environmentally sound principles. This first award for 2018 is to Cindy Ling and Peter Roos. Their home is located in the northeastern section of town. They were chosen by a committee of Keep Rowlett Beautiful Board members, the Rowlett Neighborhood Life Office and the Rowlett City Code Officers from applications during the first part of May this year. In their application Cindy and Peter included great information about the environmentally sound practices they use in their yard.

One of Cindy’s biggest goal this year was to combine native edibles with cultivated heirloom varieties of vegetables. As featured below in photo three, she left a swath of dandelions in the back yard to harvest. According to the Smithsonian:

The dandelion plant used to be considered, and by many still is considered, an herb. Dandelion greens themselves are high in iron, calcium, Vitamins A, C, K and B2 among other vitamins and minerals, and at one point were used for medicine. On top of that, they also contain more calcium and iron than spinach. Dandelion also contain more beta carotene than carrots.

Cindy is committed to using as many native species as possible. “Natives are an idea plant because they are uniquely suited to the local growing conditions. They take less work and resources such as water, fertilizer, spraying and mulch. Native plants also attract local wildlife, birds and butterflies.” Cindy practices organic and pesticide free gardening for health and protection of pollinators and wildlife. Cindy and Peter have had their yard certified as a Wild-life Habitat. Their goal is to “preserve and maintain a healthy eco-system that provides water, shelter and food for our native wildlife.”