Light Up Rowlett!

We are delighted to congratulate the winners of the 2017 Light Up Rowlett Contest! This year we asked our residents to both nominate and choose the winners of the Holiday Display Contest! Rowlett residents submitted almost 20 homes to be judged and well over 500 votes were counted! Pictured below are the area winners.

The City of Rowlett’s Neighborhood Life Office, Code Enforcement Officers and Keep Rowlett Beautiful hopes that you will enjoy wonderful family time walking, biking or driving to see the hundreds of homes that are decorated. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to everyone who sets up these delightful expressions of holiday warmth and cheer. Wonderful and welcoming neighborhoods are created by residents just like these featured below.

2017 Winners

Lights at 10402 Fairway Visa Drive

Northeast Area
10402 Fairway Vista Drive

Lights at 5921 Mimosa

Northwest Area
5921 Mimosa Lane

Lights at 7414 Bayview Drive

Southeast Area
7414 Bayview Drive

Lights at 4902 Petersburg

Southwest Area
4902 Petersburg Drive