Matching Capital Grant

The City of Rowlett has allocated funds for neighborhood improvement projects to help beautify our public spaces and strengthen the neighborhood associations in our subdivisions. Strong neighborhoods are great places to live and working on a common goal is a great way to meet new people and strengthen existing ties in these smaller communities. Your neighborhood will be eligible for a matching grant if the project: 

  • Improves the appearance or usability of public space
  • Increases neighborhood cooperation and involves a significant number of neighbors
  • Has a detailed budget reflecting accurate costs and matching sources
  • Has a detailed timeline and a long-term maintenance plan
  • Meets all code and permitting requirements

Because this is a matching grant your neighborhood must provide an investment in your project. This requirement can be met with cash, material donations, donated professional services or sweat equity. The maximum amount of the Grant from the City is $2,500.

Neighborhood Eligibility

Because the matching grant is an investment made by the City of Rowlett it is only available to homeowner, neighborhood or Crime Watch associations. Other qualifications include:

  • The association must be registered with the City of Rowlett for at least one year
  • Membership must be open to all households within the neighborhood

For more information and to request a grant application, please contact the Neighborhood Life Office by email.

(972) 412-6165