Neighborhood Block Party Information

A great neighborhood is the backbone of a strong city, and all residents play a fundamental part in making a neighborhood great. Each one of you brings strength and life to a community. We, as your neighborhood planners are here to assist you to build and sustain the structure that makes your neighborhood thrive. Therefore, we want to tell you that neighborhood block parties are a great way to start building a strong community bond, as it supports opportunities for social interaction with one another. Block parties usually take place on the street or a neighborhood park where residents can enjoy food, games, and conversation with each other. So, if you are ready to have one, we can assist!  

Here is how to start:

  • Obtain the required permit for your block party. Just complete the form below and submit it to the           Neighborhood Planning team.

Block Party Application

  • If you need street closures, plan to let us know at least a month in advance! Closing streets does require the signature of all affected properties and Public Safety notification, so give yourself plenty of time.
  • For further questions, please reach out to us at (972) 412-6165.

You can request the Block Party Trailer (BPT) at any time with your application. The trailer contains everything you need to set the stage for a great Block Party! 

The BPT is crammed full of the "stuff" you need:

  • 8 lightweight picnic tables
  • 47  lightweight chairs
  • 2 ice chests
  • Street barricades
  • Street cones
  • Lawn Games

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Once we receive your application here is what happens! 

If you have requested the BPT, we will schedule a drop-off time with an adult over the age of 18. Usually, the trailer will be dropped off on a Friday afternoon and will be retrieved on the following Monday. Do you want to have a block party on a Thursday? No problem! We can work together and accommodate your request. If you need street closure we will work with the police and fire departments for approval. 

Want Some Help Getting Started?

Contact the Neighborhood Planning team for individual or group training to help you get your block party advertised, organized, and enjoyed by all of your neighbors.