Rowlett's Veterans Recognition Program

Rowlett's Vets
The City of Rowlett is pleased to announce the implementation of the Veterans Recognition Program to honor and recognize Rowlett's military veterans and the incredible contribution they have made to our country.

This recognition program is a collaboration with the Third Watch Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LE MC), a brotherhood of police, fire fighters and military, both current and honorably retired, that share the common goal of assisting and recognizing veterans.

Veterans of all ages and having served in all branches of the military will be formally recognized at City Council meetings on a regular basis.

In addition to the recognition program, we'd like to know who our military service members, both past and present, are.  To that end, we are asking for all Rowlett military service personnel to provide their contact information so that we may keep you informed of any veterans' services and/or programs that are upcoming.

Please fill out the Rowlett's Vets form so we know who you are.

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