Spirit of Rowlett Award

Do you know someone who deserves an award?  Nominate them for the “Spirit of Rowlett Award” presented by the Rowlett City Council.  This award is to publicly recognize ordinary residents doing extra-ordinary things in our community.  As a Rowlett resident, you have the opportunity to nominate someone who has inspired, motivated or positively impacted our community.  

When you submit your nomination be sure and include some details about why you are nominating this person.  This is your chance to demonstrate why your nominee is special.  Some questions to consider as you write your nomination could include:

  • In a broad context, who is the person that you are nominating?  What is your relationship with the applicant and how have you seen their impact in our community?
  • What specifically have they done that deserves recognition by our community?
  • What is their impact in our community? 
  • What skills or qualities did they employ to accomplish their objective?   

Nominations are due by the third of each month for the following month.  The winner will be chosen from the nominations by 3 members of the City Council. 

If chosen, your nominee will receive recognition on the City of Rowlett social media sites.   

This is a great way to say “Thank you” to those people who have encouraged, supported and acted in a way that has impacted you in your everyday life.  We look forward to hearing from you and to providing the kind of recognition that people deserve for good deeds, done well. 

               Nomination Form