Mosquito Management Program & Information

Mosquito Control 

Environmental Health works year-round to ensure the City of Rowlett resident’s risk to mosquito-borne illnesses are reduced.  During the most active mosquito months (April - October), the department increases surveillance in conjunction with Dallas County Mosquito Control to battle mosquito-borne diseases.  

Testing and Monitoring

During the high activity months of mosquito season, Environmental health works along with Dallas County Health and Human Services Department (DCHHS), to conduct testing and surveillance of the local mosquito population for the West Nile Virus. 

Mosquito traps will be set weekly in seven (7) zones known as Mosquito Management Areas (MMA). Each MMA has been carefully defined to optimize our resources.

In the event that the West Nile Virus is detected, the following will occur:

  • Advise the public and emphasize source reduction, personal protection and disease symptoms
  • Ground-based spraying will occur (weather permitting) in the MMA where the positive mosquito pool was found

When ground spraying is to occur, it will be documented and placed on the Rowlett Facebook page, and updated on the City Website as soon as information is available. Citizens within the affected area will also be notified by Connect Rowlett at 6:30pm each night of spraying.

Access a spray map of the affected area.

Control Methods

The City of Rowlett’s Mosquito Action Plan, managing mosquitoes takes an integrated approach.  This includes public education, source reduction, and larviciding.  It is important to stop adult mosquitoes’ ability to spread disease by eliminating their breeding and development locations - standing water.

Please notify Environmental Health of standing water, stagnant swimming pools, or other mosquito concerns by calling (972) 412-6125 or emailing at 

Product Labels & Safety Data Sheets

Altosid Label (.pdf) Altosid SDS (.pdf)

Sustain Label (.pdf)  Sustain SDS (.pdf)

Duplex BTI Label (.pdf) Duplex BTI SDS (.pdf)

Aqua Perm 30-30 Label (.pdf) Aqua Perm 30-30 SDS (.pdf)

BVA 2 Oil Label (.pdf) BVA Oil 2 SDS (.pdf)

More Information and Links

For more information pertaining to mosquitoes and West Nile please visit:

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