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Imagine, someday you will be 50.  2050 sounds so far away, but things you do now can affect your success then.  Whether you are heading into the workforce or to college, these seminars can help guide you to that success.  Learn about some practical decisions you can make today to help lay a solid foundation for an amazing life that makes a positive impact in our world.  

  • THE COST OF CIVILIZATION | JULY 9 | Clean running water, toilets that flush, schools, roads, public safety, laws, courts, and medical care are hallmarks of “civilization.”  The costs of these benefits include not only taxes but active participation by voters.  Learn how to research candidates, vote and how your taxes are collected and distributed.  
  • POLICE ENCOUNTERS | JULY 16 | Public Safety is critical for everyone.  Learn how to talk to 911 in an emergency, how to handle your first traffic ticket, and how to deal with medical emergencies.  
  • DART ON OUT | JULY 23 | Public transportation is a great way to commute to your job, go to the airport or just go “downtown.”  DART hosts a “training” for public transit use and we will take both the DART train and a bus on an adventure to downtown Dallas.  
  • KEEPING YOUR COIN$ | JULY 30 | Life is sometimes just like a game and keeping coins in your “wallet” is one of the most important “power-ups” for your future.  Learn how to make smart choices early, how to start and manage credit, and how to shop for your first apartment or home.  

These seminars are free to the first 30 Rowlett young adults ages 17-20 who register.  Classes will be from 10:30-1:30 and the locations for the classes will vary.   Lunch will be provided at every session.