Reopen Rowlett Responsibly

Rowlett clock tower and dowtown with text Reopen Rowlett Responsibly

We all want a return to normal, and to get there we know we need to proceed with a strategic and measured approach. Governor Abbott indicated the reason we have come so far in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 is because everyone has been so diligent about physical distancing measures and staying home. To inform and guide the community on how to reopen Rowlett from the COVID-19 pandemic responsibly and gradually while protecting our most vulnerable populations and maintaining a fully functioning health care system, the City has launched an initiative called Reopen Rowlett Responsibly.

Some of the many challenges we will face as a community in the process to reopen Rowlett include 

  • timely and effective communication to our public and our businesses; 
  • specific interpretation of guidance from authoritative bodies; 
  • lack of sufficient testing; 
  • lack of sufficient personal protective equipment, and; 
  • resources needed to continually isolate infected residents and trace and quarantine their contacts.

Under our Reopen Rowlett Responsibly initiative, we will be guided by COVID-19 case metrics in our city and immediate surrounding areas, as well as regional health care system metrics indicating their ability to maintain a fully functioning health care system. We will partner with many Rowlett business owners within our various industry groups to develop, implement and communicate specific plans to reopen Rowlett with a safe and measured approach within the guidelines issued by national, state and regional authoritative bodies.

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Governor Abbott’s Texans Helping Texans Guidelines to Open Texas (pdf)