What is a Good Neighbor?

How do good neighbors act?  

Everyone has a different definition of a good neighbor.  From a municipal viewpoint there are a few things that are important:  

    Be aware of your neighbors.  In a natural disaster, your neighbors are going to be your quickest resource for help.  Even if you don’t become best friends, knowing their cars and habits will help if an emergency occurs.  

    A well-lit front porch is also very helpful.  The police are always glad for the extra light if there is a problem.  It also makes walking, with or without a pet, in the dark, much safer.  

    Speaking of pets, always pick up their waste.  It doesn’t matter if it is in your yard, or someone else’s.  Pet waste belongs in the trash.  

    Remember that bulky trash and yard trimmings go to the front of your house.  The bulk trucks cannot maneuver in the alleys.  

    Stormwater management is also important to your neighbors.  Keep lawn clippings, leaves, trash, and debris off the curb.  By leaving the grass clippings and mulching leaves into your yard, you are not only adding nutrients back into your soil, you are also helping to ensure that the stormwater system functions well.  Clogged storm drains cause street flooding and can flood homes as well.