Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Staff

Rowlett Fire Department has three ambulances staffed with paramedics who are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each ambulance carries the Texas Department of State Health Services provider license as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU). A Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU is an ambulance staffed by paramedics who provide advance life support. Paramedics units are sometimes referred to as "emergency rooms on wheels." Typical calls for service include heart attacks, strokes, sick calls, motor vehicle accidents, injured persons and poisonings. MICUs are also sent on all structure fire calls to provide medical support and critical fire fighter rehabilitation.

Rowlett EMS is a leader in patient care. We work hard to provide the latest technology and techniques so that our citizens are assured the best medical care available. For more information on Emergency Medical Services contact:

 Tim Gauthier
 EMS Battalion Chief

Rowlett Fire Rescue has achieved the 2015 Mission: Lifeline® EMS Gold Level Recognition Award from the American Heart Association!!

Ambulance Bills 

Ambulance bill requests may be obtained by contacting the City Secretary's Office at 972-412-6116. Requests can be submitted through email or the Citizens Action Center.

Patient Medical Records

Patient Care Reports may be obtained by contacting the City Secretary's Office at 972-412-6116. Requests can be made by phone, fax, or in person, but the reports must be picked up in person. Requests can be submitted through email or the Citizens Action Center.

A second party, such as an attorney, requesting records must provide a written request and include a signed Authorization to Release Patient Information. There is a fee of $20 for processing. This information may also be released to an authorized law enforcement agency if the individual in question is currently in custody or involved in an active criminal investigation.

Fire Fighters and Paramedics

There are times when citizens may notice fire engines responding to calls with ambulances. Since our fire engines are staffed with paramedics, engines will sometimes be dispatched to emergency medical service calls to provide a quick response or to provide additional highly trained personnel, especially when a patient has a serious medical or traumatic incident requiring multiple critical tasks.

Qualifications and Experience

The exceptional level of service offered by the Rowlett Fire Rescue is rarely equaled. Our fire fighters/paramedics are dedicated to providing excellent service and are trained to a high level of proficiency.

All EMS personnel are regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services and supported by Medical Control contracted to "The Medical Center of Plano and Quest Physician Group." EMS personnel have access to online medical direction and receive monthly continuing education from the medical director and staff. Our experienced paramedics have over 20 years tenure and continue to provide top patient care, and our new paramedics gain support and experience throughout the department.