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Maps and Resources

Neighbors Guide to Development (COMING SOON) 

Coming in Spring 2022, the Complete Neighbors Guide to development will show you how the development process works, and how you can get involved. 

Neighborhood Resource Map (COMING SOON)

Stay tuned as we work on updating our contact list for registered HOA's, Neighborhood Groups, Crime Watch groups, and gathering these neighborhood resources on an Interactive map. To view the 2017 Neighborhood Resource Map, click HERE

Historic Resources (COMING 2022) 

Stay tuned as we work on mapping resources in Rowlett that have a special history! 


Sustainability Report (COMING 2022) 

The Neighborhood Planning team understands the value of incorporating more environmentally friendly practices in neighborhoods, like protecting our urban tree canopy, and managing storm water runoff. Check here for progress reporting on sustainability efforts we make as a team. 

Long-Range Planning

Comprehensive Plan

The Texas Local Government Code grants cities the ability to promote sound development and public health, safety, and welfare by defining and adopting a comprehensive plan. 

Neighborhood Planning is responsible for managing and updating the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is the broadest, long-range policy document adopted and amended by the City Council. It establishes a shared vision for the City's future, provides policy guidance for growth and development, and contains specific goals to implement the vision over time. Feedback Neighborhood Planning receives from events and programs we host and attend, as well as small area studies we conduct, help us to identify community values, needs, and development trends that can be addressed through the Comprehensive Plan. As such, the Plan is responsible for guiding development regulations like the Rowlett Development Code and Form Based Code, as well as informing the Neighborhood Planning team of ways to seek grand funding for additional programming. 

To view a copy of the current Comprehensive Plan and previous versions, visit the Comprehensive Plan page linked above.  

Small Area Plans and Analysis 

Stay tuned as we plan to study housing and demographics in strategic areas of Rowlett.