Fire Sprinkler System Requirements

Sprinkler System Requirements New and Existing Systems 

All new installations and any modifications to any existing fire sprinkler system require a permit. The permit fee is $100.00 plus a plan review fee. To view the new plan review fees, please see Master Fee Schedule (PDF).

Most existing systems that only require work on 10 or less heads, will only require a scope of work, copy of license, and permit fee for the application phase. This scope letter should be transmitted to email.   

Plan Reviews and Permits

You may obtain a plan review permit application at the Fire Administration office at 4701 Rowlett Road or online at Permit Application (PDF). Please submit your Sprinkler, Fire Pump and Fire Alarm plans to our third-party plan review company - Traditions Fire Consulting. Contact information: 

Traditions Fire Consulting,  972-979-0631 or by e-mail. Submit application and electronic plans directly to our provider. Once the plans are reviewed, a draft set will be transmitted to the applicant. The Fire Marshal approved set and a permit will electronically follow with receipt of fees. This invoice procedure usually takes 1-3 days from the time Traditions transmits the draft submittal.  

For more information view the Plan Submittal Checklist (PDF), or email the Fire Marshal's Office at 972-463-3940.