Planning and Urban Design Division

Division Functions and Responsibilities

The Planning and Urban Design Division manages land use development by implementing the Comprehensive Plan, administering the Rowlett Development Code, and Form-Based Code, as well as the other plans, ordinances, policies, and procedures of the City. The division also prepares plans and/or studies that serve to guide future development. For more information, please refer to our FAQ’s

Zoning & Development Handbook

The Zoning & Development Handbook is provided to assist the public with the City’s various zoning and development processes. The goal of the Zoning & Development Handbook is to consolidate all information needed to begin development into one central document.

Rowlett Development Code and Form-Based Code

The City of Rowlett is governed by two individual development codes: the Rowlett Development Code (RDC) and the Form-Based Code (FBC). Depending on the location, either the RDC or FBC will apply as the development regulations for a property. Please contact a staff member or review the Code of Ordinances for the most recent rules and regulations. 

At their November 05, 2020 meeting, the City Council approved an ordinance amending the Form-Based Code of the City of Rowlett and the North Shore Framework Plans to require a special use permit for defined multi-family dwelling buildings.

The City Council adopted the FBC on November 6, 2012 for specific areas in the City. The following areas are required to follow the standards in the FBC, and are subject to further regulations outlined in the below framework plans:

Opportunity Areas Map

To find out a property's applicable development regulations, please visit our Interactive Map to determine the zoning district and related code. View quick descriptions of the different zoning districts here. The map below depicts all of the zoning districts across the City of Rowlett, both RDC and FBC:

City Zoning Map

Please contact a staff member if you have questions regarding any zoning districts or other information.

Submittal Schedules and Review Timelines

The City of Rowlett Community Development Department will now only accept applications for plats, plan submittals, and resubmittals by 3:00 PM on the days specified in the schedules below.  

All applications are required to be submitted

Prior to formally submitting through our MyGov portal, please ensure that all exhibits and items in the appropriate applications below are included:

* Please refer to our Lake Ray Hubbard Take Area page for further regulations and requirements.

** Please contact Umair Syed. Planner, at with your completed request form and required documents to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting.