Utility Billing and Collections

The City of Rowlett Utility Billing Department has a residential leak adjustment policy in place to help Rowlett residents who experience a water leak. Please know that for this unprecedented winter weather event, Utility Billing will adjust 100% of the abnormal usage on water and sewer services for residents who experienced burst water pipes in their homes. The standard policy will be amended for this weather event to include approval of additional types of leaks not previously covered including pools. The deadline to submit documentation for the amended leak adjustment policy is March 19th 2021. 

  • Please submit your repair invoice or any receipts/pictures you have from parts purchased for the repair to utilities@rowlett.com or bring it by our office at 4004 Main St. 
  • In the email please include your name, address, contact information and account number if you have it. 
  • Once we receive the documentation, we will submit your request for the adjustment. Please note that we bill in arrears and an adjustment will be made on the bill that will be issued in March (usage from February).

Rowlett residents have ALL just experienced a really tough week, so we also want to share that Utility Billing has suspended all utility bill late penalties until March 9 and disconnections for non-payment until March 17.

About the Department

Welcome to the City of Rowlett’s Utility Billing and Collection Department. We are dedicated to providing prompt, superior customer service through billing consistency and accuracy.

We are the principal business office of the City and are responsible for the billing and collection efforts for water, sewer, trash and drainage fees. This includes responding to customer concerns and issues, enforcing non- or late-payment practices and managing changes to the customer database.


The services provided by the department include:

Create Your AMI Profile - Get Real-Time Water Usage!

Create your AMI profile today...water customers (YOU!) now have the ability to access water consumption online!

In fact, the system reads every hour so you can get real-time usage information. Simply create an account at www.rowlett.com/AMI, set up your alerts and start tracking your usage. Armed with this information, customers can spot and repair potential leaks before they result in a higher bill!

How to read your water meter video