Charter Review Commission


  • City Hall Municipal Building
    4000 Main Street
    Rowlett, TX 75088
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 Laura Hallmark
 Staff Liaison / City Secretary
 City Hall Municipal Building
 4000 Main St.
 Rowlett, TX 75088
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View the City of Rowlett Home Rule Charter.


The Charter Review Commission is comprised of seven regular members and two alternate members appointed by City Council who serve no more than six months. The Commission shall determine whether the Charter requires revision or amendment. The Commission may hold public hearings regarding the Charter and shall make recommendations for changes to the Charter without any consideration of the impact upon staff or cost to the City. The Commission shall report its findings and present its recommendations regarding the Charter to the City Council at a regular or special meeting.



Term Expires

 Deborah Crosby Member  December 2020
 Erik Ernst
Member  December 2020
Brian Galuardi Member  December 2020
Richard Kull Member  December 2020
Kellie McKee Member  December 2020
Jeff Winget Member  December 2020
Becky Sebastian Alternate Member  December 2020
Rick Sheffield Alternate Member  December 2020

Commission Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of the Charter Review Commission are as follows: textual rewrite/update of the document that would be completed/overseen by the City Attorney, revisions to term limits or term durations for members of City Council, determination of appropriate compensation for members of the City Council, prohibition of alcohol sales in residential zoning/neighborhoods, and review of Section 3.08(1) with regard to automatic resignation upon declaring candidacy for another seat as well as overall review of the Charter.

Time Commitment

The Charter Review Commission meets on an as called basis for no more than six months.