Neighborhood Planning

Homeowner's and Neighborhood Associations

Rowlett is a community of neighborhoods. Working with our Neighborhood and Homeowner’s Associations, we are committed to providing quality customer-service and neighborhood programs that:

  • Meet the needs of our small communities through effective 360-degree communication
  • Promote community involvement
  • Strengthen the relationships between neighborhoods and city staff

What is a Neighborhood Association?

A Neighborhood Association (NA, also referred to as a Homeowner’s Association or HOA) represents all the residents in a neighborhood and is operated through an open, democratic process to improve or maintain the overall quality of life for everyone within those boundaries.

Each Neighborhood Association in the City of Rowlett is an independent, autonomous organization that defines its own purpose, determines its goals and strategies and develops its own neighborhood plans.

Neighborhood Associations in Rowlett are unique because of their passion for involvement and participation in partnerships with their municipal government. Need some help organizing?

HOA Registration

Help us communicate important information to the members of your Neighborhood Association and register your NA or HOA! We will send City communications, road construction updates that affect your specific neighborhood, special event news, criminal activity alerts and a whole host of useful information.