School Resource Officers (SROs)

About SROs

Thank you for your interest in our School Resource Officers (SROs). SROs are active members of the Rowlett Police Department who are assigned to the elementary, middle and high schools in Rowlett. SROs teach Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT), Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program and other educational programs. They also mentor and counsel students while ensuring a safe learning environment.

The School Resource Officers for Rowlett are:

  • Dianna Bell - Email –Back Elementary, Dorsey Elementary, Rowlett Elementary, Stephens Elementary
  • Erick Mitchell - Email – Schrade Middle School
  • Jimmy Garcia - Email –Rowlett High School
  • Edgar Borusqueta -Email - Rowlett High School
  • Andre Spivey - Email – Herfurth Elementary, Steadham Elementary, Nita Pearson Elementary, Keeley Elementary, Liberty Grove Elementary
  • Kelly Praslicka - Email –Coyle Middle School
  • Pete Rangel - Email - East Side Traveler
  • Jeff Freeman - Email - West Side Traveler