Wet Zone Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have an ATM?
No we do not. We accept Mastercard and Visa everywhere in the park as well as cash. Ask about the Wet Zone Splash Cash for all your park spending needs!

2. Can I bring my pet?
Sorry, Fido has to stay at home. The only animals allowed in the park are the ones used for medical purposes.

3. At what age can children be dropped off at the park without being accompanied by and adult?
Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by someone 16 or older.

4. Are lifejackets permitted?
Yes! In fact, we recommend you use one on any little ones who cannot swim. We are happy to provide you one for the day, free of charge. They are located at the entrance in the grey cabinets. We do not allow arm-floaties as a substitute for a life jacket. If you would like your child to have arm-floaties they will also be required to wear a life jacket.

5. Does Wet Zone offer season passes?
We sure do! Season passes are a great way to ensure hassle-free entrance into the park every day. Season passes are available to Rowlett residents and non-residents. Don’t forget to add Splash Cash!

6. What is Splash Cash?
Splash Cash is a convenient way to have spending money at the park without carrying around cash. With Splash Cash, no one else can use your card. Plus, if you lose your card, we can transfer the money to another card for a small fee. Load your Wet Zone Splash Cash in Haley’s Shop or in the ticket booth upon arrival!

7. Do you have Group Rates?
Of course! A group of 15 or more can come in for just $6 per person.

8. Do you have a birthday package?
You bet we do! Celebrate your birthday at the Wet Zone, where the birthday child’s admission is free! Reserve a pavilion for your birthday today.

9. Do you charge for parking?
No way! At the Wet Zone, parking is always free.

10. Can I leave and re-enter the park without a charge?
We don’t mind if you need to leave the park, but make sure you get a hand stamp from one of our friendly greeters at the front gate.

11. Do you have first aid at the park?
Does a zebra have stripes? We sure do. First aid is located towards the front of the park right next to the women's restroom. Look for the red cross symbol.

12. Are there height restrictions on any of the attractions?
We have several attractions suitable for all ages, including the fun-filled Water Playground, Swash, and Turtle Cove. For the safety of your child, the manufacturer and the Wet Zone requires that riders be 48” or taller to ride Haley’s Rapid Ripple and Hurricane Twist. The height requirements are set by the slide manufacturers and we can not make any exceptions.

13. Can I bring my own food / cooler into the park?
Feel free to bring in your own food and drinks from home. However, please leave any glass, alcohol and kitchen cutlery at home. If you found you have forgotten something, there are plenty of yummy food options available at Haley’s Hunger Hut or feel free to get a hand stamp and leave the park to grab something to eat around Rowlett.

14. Can we bring our own floating devices?
You sure can! Just remember to keep you, your family and other people’s safety in mind and do not bring overly large flotation devices, inner tubes or arm floaties. We provide life jackets for free on a first come, first serve basis for anyone that would like them!

15. Do you have a spectator rate if I’m not going to swim?
Every guest who enters the park must pay for admission. Besides, basking in the sun, laughter and the enjoyment of spending time with friends and family is priceless.

16. Do you allow smoking in the park?
Wet Zone is a smoke-free zone, but please feel free to get a stamp from one of the friendly greeters at the front and step outside the gate to smoke. We have a bench and ashtray outside the gate for your convenience. No smoking is allowed within 15 feet (15') of the entrance to the park per city ordinance.

17. What type of swimwear is required at Wet Zone?
Swim trunks for men and swim suits for women are required. We ask that you do not wear cut offs since the fabric is not good for our filters or our slides. As Wet Zone is a family-friendly water park, please refrain from wearing thongs or other inappropriate/revealing swimwear. Haley’s Shop has a variety of swimwear available at reasonable prices should you forget your swimsuit.

18. Can my child wear water shoes on a slide?
We admit, water shoes are great to prevent cuts and scrapes while walking around the water park barefoot, however, please do not wear them on a water slide as they have a tendency to get stuck on the slide which could lead to an injury. Life jackets are not allowed on the slides as well.

19. Do you offer rain checks in case of bad weather once we’ve arrived?
We gladly offer rain checks if the park is closed for a consecutive hour due to inclement weather. We have no control over the weather so we appreciate your patience and understanding in regards to this issue. We do not process refunds for inclement weather.

20. Is food available for purchase at the park?
We have everything from cheeseburgers and hot dogs to nachos and Dippin' Dots available for purchase at Haley’s Hunger Hut. Order up!

21. If I forget my towel, do you sell them in the gift shop?
We have a selection of wonderful, fluffy Wet Zone towels available for purchase. In fact, Haley’s Shoppe offers a variety of swimsuits, sunscreens, goggles, toys and other necessities to purchase should you leave them at home as well.

22. Are alcoholic beverages sold or allowed in the park?
Sorry, no alcohol can be sold or consumed on the premises.

23. Where is the Wet Zone located, and what are your hours of operation?
Please find our hours of operation and operating calendar. We are located at:
5304 Main St.
Rowlett, TX 75088

We are just behind Rowlett High School and the Rowlett Community Centre.

24. How much is a locker?
A locker is $10 and when you return the key you get $5 back!

25. How deep is the deepest pool?
The deepest pool is 4'6" deep.

26. How much is it to get in?
Current admission prices.

27. Can you bring a cooler?
Yes, as long as it does not contain any glass or alcohol.

28. Can you bring outside food?
Yes, you can bring outside food into the park.

29. How do I get a job at the Wet Zone?
Generally from January-April the City of Rowlett Human Resources department accepts applications for various positions at the Wet Zone.