Applications and Checklists

Zoning & Development Handbook

The Zoning & Development Handbook (PDF) is provided to assist the public with the City's various Zoning and Development processes. The goal of the Zoning & Development Handbook is to consolidate all of the prior development applications and checklists into one central document.

Consent Form
Uniform Application

Zoning Request-Required Documents Checklist
Plat Request-Required Documents Checklist
Site Development Plan-Required Documents Checklist
Form-Based Code Application Checklist


Site Development Plan Checklist  

Zoning Request Checklist

Plat Checklist

Special Use Permit/Temporary Use Permit


Plat Submittal Schedule

Plan Submittal Schedule (excluding plats)

Please contact a staff member or continue to consult City Ordinances for the most recent rules and regulations. The City Council also adopted a Form Based Code (PDF) on November 6, 2012, for specific areas in the City. To date the following areas are required to follow the standards in the FBC: Woodside Living (PDF), Healthy Living (PDF), Signature Gateway (PDF) and Downtown (PDF). Please contact staff if you have specific questions regarding these areas or are interested in rezoning property to a Form Based District. We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact us at 972-463-3949 if you have any questions.

Additional Development Resources