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Posted on: July 13, 2022

Wastewater Collection System Smoke Testing Underway

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RJN Group, an engineering consultant hired by the City of Rowlett, will perform a physical survey of the wastewater collection system in key areas around Rowlett. The study involves opening manholes in the streets and backyard utility easements, and also requires the use of smoke in order to gain information that will later be used to repair and improve the system.  

The smoke testing is used on the sewer lines to locate breaks and defects.  During this testing, smoke will exit through vent pipes on the roofs of homes and through sewer line breaks. The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue, and creates no fire hazard.  The smoke should not enter your home unless defective plumbing exists or drain traps are dry. If you have seldom-used drains and would like to prevent the smoke from entering your home, please pour a gallon of water in your unused drains to fill the drain trap.  This will prevent smoke entering your living areas through the drains. 

 At no time will field crews have to enter your business or residence.


For more information and an FAQ about Smoke Testing, please visit

Should you have any additional questions concerning the study, or need special assistance, please contact: 

Joseph Colley – RJN Group
972-437-4300 x 1166


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