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Pecan Grove Park

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  1. Lakes / Ponds
  2. Parking (Handicapped)
  3. Parking (Off-Street)
  4. Pavilions (Large)
  5. Picnic Tables (Covered)
  6. Picnic Tables (Uncovered)
  7. Soccer Fields
  8. Trails, Hiking / Biking
Pecan Grove Park is 27 acres and consists of:
  • One practicee soccer field
  • One mile of hiking and biking trails
  • Kids Kingdom Playground
  • Wet Zone Waterpark
  • Rowlett Community Centre
  • Outdoor Exercise Equipment
  • Restroom
  • Three Shade Structures with picnic tables
  • Picnic tables
  • Open space
  • Specimen pecan trees
Pecan Grove Park is adjacent to the Rowlett Community Centre and the Wet Zone and is home to the Coyle Farmstead.
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