Village of Rowlett Downtown

Over 10 years ago, the City Council made a decision to redo Main Street from an asphalt road to concrete. Through a grant and other funding mechanisms, the clock tower, monuments and landscaping were added in an effort to add character to our downtown area. Although some felt this project was not of value, today, the clock tower has become a popular destination for photos and nothing says “Rowlett” quite like it! 

This investment and the Realize Rowlett 2020 plan are key reasons downtown development has progressed. Bankhead Brewing is a great example of the type of new business that located in our downtown simply because of this plan! The Library now makes its home at the Village, and more restaurants and retail establishments will also be locating downtown as well, providing different and unique choices for dining and shopping. Many of the same features downtown (i.e. street lights, trees and sidewalks) will be carried through into the surrounding neighborhoods as well, creating a synergistic flow to our Village. 

The DFW area is growing at a rapid pace, so it was imperative the City properly planned, attracting the best type of development to bring real value to our downtown. The Village project/concept was a result of many years of planning, much citizen input and finding the right developer to carry out the vision! In fact, the goal was to find a developer willing to match what was downtown and help to create the downtown our citizens have long desired. And the sign brings "identity" and character to the area (like the water tower and clock tower), and adds a flavor of nostalgia to the buildings! 

The Village features live/work units. Simply put, the first floor units are designed so small businesses can occupy them and not pay commercial rents, making them affordable. So, if you were an accountant, attorney, therapist, or just a very small office with a few employees you can rent one of these offices essentially giving your business a "Main Street address" and not pay commercial rates. Then add accessibility to the DART rail, which helps bring clients/customers into the downtown area! 

How does the Village of Rowlett affect downtown parking? The Village of Rowlett is just one many planned developments within downtown, the City is taking a strategic and global look at the entire 250+ acre downtown area. Parking management downtown is an ongoing concern that will continue to be addressed as development occurs through the city initiated Downtown Parking Management Plan. Currently, the Village of Rowlett has not only met parking requirements, but provided a surplus of 13 spaces in addition to pre-construction conditions. The Village of Rowlett is also providing publicly accessible, on street parking in the spaces along Main Street and north of Dennis St., as well as on a portion of Southridge north of the leasing building.

Village of Rowlett

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