Rowlett citizens, community leaders, business owners and elected officials and city staff engaged in a comprehensive visioning exercise that lead to the adoption of our city's Comprehensive Plan - Realize Rowlett 2020, as well as the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Update. Some of the guiding principles of this plan include: •Value existing neighborhoods •Grow the City’s economy through diversification of jobs and business opportunities •Make Rowlett a community that is attractive to people at all stages of their lives •Invest in places of lasting value and distinctive character •Use Lake Ray Hubbard and Rowlett’s natural assets to create a distinctive identity and the quality of life desired by the community •Diversify mobility options within the City and connect activity areas •Create centers with a mix of activities at key locations in Rowlett •Fund public investment that leverages desired private investment •Position Rowlett for an appropriate scale of investment and reinvestment by market trends The above strategic guiding principles identified distinctive growth areas (Downtown, Bayside, Healthy Living, Signature Gateway, North Shore and Woodside Living) that are now seeing a tremendous amount of private investment including the diversification of Rowlett’s housing options to include multi-family units (apartments, townhomes, senior living, condos, etc.). The market (not just in Rowlett, but all of DFW) has recognized the need for housing options and development that creates a distinctive character and lasting value, so Rowlett has been successful in attracting projects like the Village of Rowlett, Terra Lago, Evergreen @ Rowlett, Harmony and The Mansions at Bayside. 1. Will the Rowlett market support this number of apartment communities? Relative to the number of apartments, the City engaged a market study as part of RR2020 and North Shore to analyze the potential market for land uses including multifamily units and said study indicated that the Rowlett trade area has a 20 year potential market demand of nearly 15,000 units, to date approximately 3,000 units have been proposed to be constructed in Rowlett. ( 2. How are we going to address all of the traffic problems from so many apartments? As part of each development, a traffic impact analysis is required to be performed at the time the development is proposed. This analysis informs the city on traffic impacts from the development and identifies areas of concern, and allows the city to make the determination on improvements to existing infrastructure that the developer would be responsible to install. For example, the signals along SH 66 will be retimed to efficiently handle the traffic along the side streets, including the increased traffic on Scenic due to the Terra Lago development. In addition, the City imposes a traffic impact fee for all development within Rowlett (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). Those impact fees are used to help fund projects that are identified on the City’s Master Thoroughfare Plan. 3. Are the schools ready for the influx in students from all this growth? The City works closely with both Independent School Districts (ISD’s) and they are regularly briefed on and involved in their own tracking of development as it occurs. On a regular basis, the ISD’s plan for growth and continuously make preparations as development occurs with their districts. 4. Is our police department able to handle the influx in crime from all this growth? As the City grows the police department will be adding additional police personnel to the department to keep up with the needs of the City. Evaluations for additional manpower is determined on number of calls for service, response times, call holding, are just a few indicators for the need of additional personnel.

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