Streets and Alleys
48% of the City’s alleys are in very poor condition. It is estimated to cost over $70M to reconstruct these alleys. The City budgets each year $750k from refuse fund, around $200k from 0.50 property tax dedication to alleys, and utilizes bond funds. For example, in the 2015 Bond Program, $2M was approved. Alleys are assessed and prioritized based on their condition, from this information the City developed the Top 50 alleys to be reconstructed. As funds allow, these alleys are designed and reconstructed. Recently, five alleys have been completed and 12 more are being designed for construction in 2018.

1. Why isn’t my street/alley fixed? How do I find out where my street/alley ranks?
The City assesses and rates each street and alley every four years. You can contact the Public Works Department at 972-412-6287 to see where your street and alley ranks. Or you can visit the link below to view the street ranking and top worst 50 alleys.

2. My street was included in the 2015 bond election. Why isn’t it completed?
The City is working diligently to deliver the 2015 Bond Program. The goal is to begin all street projects by the Spring of 2018. Updates to the CIP Bond Program can be accessed at
Street Ranking and Top 50 Worst Alleys

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