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Taste of Fall Market

  1. Thank you for your interest in the Rowlett Downtown Event Series. Please complete and submit the following vendor form. If you have any questions, please contact Pam Vierus at

    During the application process, all food vendors must be approved by the Public Health Department. A Temp Event Application will be emailed to all food vendors after this application is received. Then, we will collect payment.

  2. Vendor Fees*
  3. What date(s) would you like to attend the Rowlett Farmers Market? Please select all that apply*
  4. Items to be sold at the City of Rowlett Taste of Fall Farmers Market*

    Please select all that apply:

  5. Are all products grown or produced by you?*
  6. Vendors will not be allowed to sell items not listed above unless authorized by staff*
  7. If applicable, I will email all state and/or federal permits to*
  8. Vendors producing or manufacturing food products must submit a copy of their manufacturing permit from the TX Dept. of State Health Services. Home bakers must submit a copy of their food handler’s certificate approved by the TX Dept. of State Health Services. Taxable goods require a copy of their sales tax permit.
  9. Egg producers selling only ungraded eggs from their own flock may be exempt from the TX Dept. of Agriculture, but must be permitted by the State Health Services. Eggs must be stored under refrigeration at 45 degrees or less. Vendors must provide a thermometer to verify temp. Eggs must be labeled as non-graded in new cartons/no previously used cartons.
  10. Meat vendors must submit a copy of their State or USDA licensing to ensure that meat is properly processed under State and/or USDA regulations. Specific labeling requirements must also be met ex: safe food handling, name and address of distributor or packer etc. Meat must be stored frozen in a mechanical freezer at 0 degrees or less.
  11. Milk vendors must submit a copy of state milk licensing. Fluid milk, dry milks and milk products complying with Grade-A standards shall be obtained and pasteurized.
  12. Vendors selling foods requiring temperature control must have equipment onsite in order to maintain proper food temperatures. All refrigeration or freezer units must have thermometers on hand for verifying temperatures.
  13. All cottage food products must meet Texas Cottage Law labeling requirements to include the following information: the name and physical address of the cottage food production operation; the common or usual name of the product; if a food is made with a major food allergen, such as eggs, nuts, soy, peanuts, milk or wheat that ingredient must be listed on the label; as well as the following statement: "This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department." Labels must be legible.
  14. All cottage food products must be packaged in a manner that prevents product contamination.
  15. No food sampling will be permitted at this event, at this time. *
  16. All vendors are subject to an inspection from a city health inspector.
  17. Products sold at the market:
    1. All products sold at the Rowlett Farmers Market shall be grown, raised, and/or produced directly by the vendor within the Texas regions, with the exception of approved full disclosure of selling another’s product with the name, contact info, and location of origin. 2. Vendors shall sell only items the committee has approved for sale. Vendors wishing to add an item(s) to their list must first gain approval from the committee by submitting an amended application. 3. Vendors shall determine the pricing and display of their products. 4. All vendors must abide by the health code and restrictions, rules & laws of the City, County, and State of Texas. 5. No potentially hazardous produce or product will be permitted for sale. 6. All items intended for human consumption shall be kept off the ground at all times and be in safe and sound condition. The seller shall be solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of unsafe or unsound goods.
  18. I acknowledge that the vending space is the only thing being provided to me*
  19. I have read all above statements, and I have answered all required questipons.*
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